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Turku Winter Dogshow 23.1.2020.Judge: Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden.

Sobelina's Feliciana "Selma" JUN-VG, BB-4!!

Sobelina's Florenza "Donna" Intermediate class, EXC-1, CQ!!

Sobelina's Florentina "Ellie" Workingclass, VG-2.

Francini's Ayda "Ayda" Workingclass, VG-3.

Helsinki Voittaja 8.12.2019. Judge: Lena Rollmar, Sweden.

Sobelina's Feliciana "Selma" JUN-G.

Sobelina's Florentina "Ellie" JUN-VG.

Sobelina's Florenza "Donna" JUN-VG.

Helsinki Winner 7.12.2019. Judge: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden.

Sobelina's Feliciana "Selma" JUN-VG.

Sobelina's Florentina "Ellie" JUN-EXC.

Sobelina's Florenza "Donna" JUN-VG.

Hyvinkää groupshow 22.9.2019. Judge: Saija Juutilainen, Finland.

Francini's Stracciatella Open class-VG.

Sobelina's Florentina JUN, EXC-4!!

Salo 14.9.2019. Judge: Ville Lahtinen.

All tree passed the Spaniel working ability test SPA-1!!!!

Francini's Stracciatella "Lia"

Sobelina's Florentina "Ellie" 10 months!!!!!

Sobelina's Florenza "Donna" 10 months!!!!

Riihimäki Nord show 31.8.2019.

Judge: Tino Pehar, Croatia.

Sobelina's Florenza "Donna", Juniorclass, EXC-1, CQ, BB-2, Cert, Res- NordCert!!!

Sobelina's Florentina "Ellie", Juniorclass, EXC-3!!

Francini's Stracciatella, Openclass, EXC-3!!

Francini's Ayda, Workingclass, EXC-2!!

Mikkeli 24.8.2019.

Lina has passed the Spaniel working ability test!!!

Sobelina's Catalina "Lina" SPA-1!!!!

Porvoo groupshow 3.8.2019.

Judge: Livija Zizevske, Lithuania.

Sobelina's Florentina, Juniorclass, EXC-2, CQ, BB-4!!

Francini's Stracciatella, Openclass, EXC-2, CQ!!

Francini's Ayda, Workingclass, VG-2.

Best Friend All breed Puppyshow, Espoo 21.7.2019.

Judge: Hilkka Salohalla, Finland.

Sobelina's Florenza, Puppyclass-1, HP, BB-2!!

Sobelina's Florentina, Puppyclass-2, HP!!

Hau-hau Summer show, Karjaa 30.6.2019.

Judge: Astrid Lundava, Estonia.

Francini's Ayda, Working class, VG-2.

Francini's Stracciatella, Open class, VG-2.

Sobelina's Florenza, Puppyclass-1, HP, BOB!!

Sobelina's Florentina, Puppyclass-2, HP!!

Sobelina's Feliciana, Puppyclass-3, HP!!

18.6.2019. Francini's Stracciatella "Lia"

Hips: A/A

Knees: 0/0

Elbows: 0/0

Eyes: Clear.

Lemland groupshow, Åland, 26.5.2019.

Judge: Tiina Illukka, Finland.

Francini's Stracciatella Open class, EXC-1!!

Francini's Ayda Working class, EXC-1!!

Sobelina's Florentina Puppyclass-1, HP, BOB!!!

Kimito groupshow, 25.5.2019.

Judge: Tiina Illukka, Finland.

Sobelina's Florenza Puppyclass-1, HP, BoB!!!

Royal Canin Puppyshow, Helsinki, 14.4.2019.

Judge: Eeva Anttinen, Finland.

Sobelina's Florentina Babyclass-4.

Sonelina's Florenza Babyclass-2.

Royal Canin Puppyshow, Helsinki, 13.4.2019.

Judge: Vuorinen Lotta, Finland.

Sobelina's Florentina Babyclass-3, HP!!

Sobelina's Florenza Babyclass-4.

International Dogshow, Turku, 23.3.2019. 

Judge: Livija Zizevske, Lithuania.

Francini's Stracciatella

Intermediate class, EXC-2, CQ!!

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